At Bergheim Pet Hospital & Clinic, we are committed to caring for your companions through ALL life stages.

NEW PETS should be examined before introduction to the home and other pets. Many pet parents make the mistake of waiting until their pet is due for a vaccine booster before visiting our office, meanwhile apparently healthy pets can be shedding infection or contagious parasites in the new home. We recommend pre-purchase examinations whenever possible. Most reputable pet breeders and adopting agencies require a veterinary examination within days to hours of purchase to certify health and validate warranties. Our veterinary staff closely examines your new pet, screening for birth defects, infections, and parasites. We provide a detailed written report, and schedule all necessary vaccination boosters and health checks.

SENIOR PETS often suffer silently from arthritis, infection, and loss of organ function. Because our beloved companions age much more rapidly than humans, senior pets over the age of 7 years (5 years for giant breeds) should be examined every 6 months (3 ½ “dog years”). We recommend a yearly wellness blood panel for all pets, and a more comprehensive Senior Screen for older pets that includes thyroid level, urinalysis, and more extensive organ chemistries. If we detect abnormalities early enough, we may be able to treat or slow progression of disease. Arthritis and degenerative joint disease affect all pets. If we detect painful joints through thorough physical examination or digital x-rays, we will work with you to develop a treatment plan to reduce joint stress and pain. We offer a full line of joint supplements, prescription pain relievers, and nutritional plans. Non-invasive pain management and healing therapy is also available on site; we are the only small animal practice in Texas offering this effective and non-invasive treatment! Our goal is always to prevent health complications and add longevity and quality to your friend’s life.